Jeremias Gomes e banda Dilúvio

I was recently invited to a performance of Jeremias Gomes and Dilúvio band in Pelo. This was part of another excellent free community event staged here in Salvador.

Jeremias, the youngest son of Brazilian Reggae veteran Edson Gomes, has an engaging manner as a front man.  His energy was infectious and you get the impression that he is really feeling the music as he performs.  The crowd certainly seemed to feed off this and got into the set with vigour!
It was interesting to observe the broad spectrum of people that the music connected with, parents dancing at the front with toddlers in their arms, young girls eagerly taking videos on their mobile phones (perhaps slightly less to do with the music than the musicians), and senior citizens getting as excited as children whirling around and looking like they were thoroughly enjoying themselves.  A classic moment for me was as Jeremias announced the ‘saideira’ (last song), two middle aged men in front of me, who were totally not in the ‘crazed fan’ demographic got quite agitated, hastily conferred in whispers about a plan, then ran together to the front to try to get the attention of Jeremias, I figure to ask for another song? Very amusing!  One thing is for sure, the band held the full attention and admiration of the crowd for the duration of their performance.
I’d heard mumblings that this was the ‘new guard’ within the Reggae scene here in Bahia.  Despite being rather attached to the ‘old school’ of Bahia Reggae, I went in with an open mind and came away with the impression that despite having very big shoes to fill, there is no reason why Jeremias and his band cannot lead the charge of up and coming artists.   It was great to see that their dedication and energy is supported by a selection of catchy original tracks, such as Dançando Reggae and Engano Profundo.  It is somewhat reassuring to know that Reggae music has new roots growing here, giving the potential to stay strong, relate to the coming generations and keep those of us who are getting longer in the tooth, ‘Dançando Reggae’ (Reggae dancing).
In meeting Jeremias after the show, I found him to be a humorous, personable guy, with an air of professionalism that belies his years, traits that should set him in good stead for success!
All in all an enjoyable show; I will certainly attend future performances and keep an eye out for the upcoming album and DVD, which we will post details of here on Vivacidade, so you guys in Australia don’t miss out!!
If you’d like to experience a taste of this event in the comfort of your own home, here are two clips from the night;
For more information on Jeremias Gomes e banda Dilúvio visit;

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